16 Sutherland Terrace, Burgh of Partick
later 30 Sutherland Street, now demolished for the Western Infirmary

No occupants given until 1880

1880-85    Robertson, J.A., B.A. (Oxon.), dentist, 6 Cathedral Street

1880-82    Smith, J. Fulton

1880-1903    Taggart, James (at Moore, Taggart, & Co., warehousemen. Tontine House, Cross, 14 Trongate)

1887-90    Findlay, Charles

1895-96    Maricourt, H.

1895-97    Scouller, Miss

1898-1903    McEwan, Mrs.

1898-1902    Scouller, Miss

1899-1906    Martin, Wm. Neilson, Bank of Scotland

1902-07?    McGregor, John, house factor and insurance agent, 9a Scotia St.

1902    McGregor, Wm., house factor & insurance agent, 9A Scotia St.

1903-11    Herbert Frank E., iron and metal merchant and agent, 140 West Regent Street

1906    MacKenzie, Mrs. K.

1906-08    Liddell, Mrs.

1909    Barr, Miss

1912    Toms, Mrs. Edmund, teacher of massage

Next door to 15 Sutherland Terrace (28 Sutherland Street)      Next door to 17 Sutherland Terrace (32 Sutherland Street)

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