Stobcross House

No occupant given until <1611

<1611-1745    Anderson, Wm.

1745-1751    Orr, John, merchant in Glasgow

1751-1776    Orr, Matthew, nephew to John Orr

1776-1783    Watson, David, merchant in Glasgow

1783-1844    Phillips, John, merchant in Glasgow

1834-36    Wright, John, gardener, 11 Main St., Anderston

1835-48    Wilson, Mrs. James, gardener, Green market

1836-38    Watson, John H. (of Glasgow Flint Glass Co. ; works Verreville, Finnieston)

1844-1875    Scott, James of Kelly, calico printer ; Ross, John jun. ; Moncrieff, Hugh ; & others

1850-60    Ewart, Mrs., dairy farmer

1875    No further occupants given - house demolished

Stobcross House in "The Old Country Houses of the Old Glasgow Gentry"

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