4 Florentine Terrace, Hillhead
Known as 74 Southpark Avenue, originally as Ann Street, now demolished for the University of Glasgow.

No occupant given until 1865

1865-74    Moyes, Robt., property agent, 225 Bath Street, later of R. & J. Moyes, property agents and factors, 223 Hope Street

1869-72    Moyes, John, 19 Renfield Street

1873-76    Jack, John E., secretary, Glasgow Bessemer Steel Co. (Ltd.), steel converters & railway plant contractors, Atlas Works, 120 East Milton St.

1875-79    Robertson, H. Oswald (at Walter Paterson, later Walter Paterson & Son, merchants, 82 St. Vincent St.)

1875-1905    Robertson, Wm.

1880-94    Robertson, Walter P., insurance agent

1905    Robertson, Misses

Next door to 3 Florentine Terrace (72 Southpark Avenue)      Next door to 5 Florentine Terrace (76 Southpark Avenue)

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