2 Florentine Terrace, Hillhead
Known as 70 Southpark Avenue, originally as Ann Street, now demolished for the University of Glasgow.

No occupant given until 1864

1864-69    Broadley, John, merchant, 98 West George Street

1866-67    Moritz, Herman, 60a West George Street

1869-71    Hunter, Miss

1869-70    Ritchie, Mrs.

1871-81    Ladies' Seminary ; Hunter, Miss Margaret, teacher

1874-77    Campbell, Mrs. Alex.

1874-78    Thomson, Alex. H.F. (at Okell & Co., warehousemen and manufacturers, 11 George Square)

1876-78    Campbell, James, teacher of drawing & painting, Alfred terrace School, Park School, High School, Glasgow Athenaeum, Deaf & Dumb Institution, &c.

1876-78    McKenzie, Mrs.

1881-85    Day School for Young Ladies ; Morton, Miss, teacher

1885-88    Okell, Herbert, writer and notary public, 33 Renfield St.

1888    No occupant given until 1893

1893-94    Wallace, Miss

1894-96    Stewart, Rev. John, M.A., minister, Bridgegate Parish Church

1896    No occupant given until 1897

1897-1906    Dougan, Mrs.

1906    No occupant given until 1909

1909    Safeley, Rev. John, M.A., Hillhead Congregational Church

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