1 Viewfield Terrace, Hillhead
Now 65 Southpark Avenue, originally known as Ann Street.

No occupant given until 1852

1852-53    Buchanan, John, Western Bank of Scotland

1853    No occupant given until 1854

1854-77    Smith, Robt., commission agent (of John H. Goodwin, Bradford)

1877-91    Niven, Thomas Ogilvie, civil engineer, 115 Wellington Street, later of Niven & Haddin, civil engineers, 131 West Regent St.

1880-86    McIntosh, John (of Peter McIntosh & Sons, tanners, leather merchants, boot & shoe makers, saddlers, 129 Stockwell St. ; works, 14-32 Goosedubbs St.)

1890-93    Niven, Walter B., forwarding agent, 67.5 Great Clyde St.

1893-96    MacLeod, A. (of A. Macleod & Co., iron merchants & electric lighting contractors, 3 Dundas St., Glasgow and Dundee)

1896-1906    Halstead, Philip E., pianist

1906    No occupant given until after 1915

Across Gibson Street to 63 Southpark Avenue (6 St. John's Terrace)     Next door to 2 Viewfield Terrace (67 Southpark Avenue)

Across Southpark Avenue to 68 Southpark Avenue (1 Florentine Terrace)

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