10 Southpark Terrace, Hillhead
Now known as 42 Southpark Avenue, originally as Ann Street.

No occupant given until 1864

1864-76    Leckie, F.B., merchant, 51 Ingram Street

1876-86    Anderson, Frederick (of Anderson, Baird & Co., wholesale shawl & wincey merchants, 77 Queen Street, later of F. Anderson & Co., manufacturers & warehousemen, 51 Miller St.)

1886    No occupant given until 1887

1887-89    Stirling, John H. (of Stirling & Co., West India merchants, agents for Clyde Line of Steamers to West Indies, 88 Gt. Clyde St.)

1889-99    Cameron, Rev. Robt. of Cambridge St. U.P. Church

1890-99    Cameron, D.Y., R.P.E., artist

1899-1901    Cameron, Mrs.

1901    No occupant given until 1902

1902    Lowson, James, M.I.E.E. (of W.C. Martin & Co., electrical engineers, 10 West Campbell St.)

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