2 Southpark Avenue, Hillhead
Originally known as Ann Street.
Was also known as 2 University Drive.

No occupant given until 1874

1874-88    Anderson, Mrs. E.

1874-82    McNicol, Robt. S. (at Beith, Stevenson & Co., cotton yarn agents, 19 W. Nile Street)

1874-77    McNish, Mrs. D.C.

1874-80    Sandeman, Charles (of J. Whitham & Sandeman, wine merchants & brewers' agents, 139 West Regent Street)

1874-78    Stevenson, Mrs.

1874-78    Stewart, Alex., property and insurance agent, 47 West Milton Street, Cowcaddens

1875-78    Borthwick, Alex., smallware merchant, 12 York St.

1875-77    Forbes, Alex. (of Wm. Anderson & Co., American produce and commission merchants, 19 Howard St.)

1877-84    Campbell, John (at Glasgow Iron Co., manufacturers of malleable iron, coalmasters, 168 St. Vincent Street ; iron works, Glasgow & Motherwell ; collieries, Wishaw)

1877-79    McNish, Miss

1879-84    Young, Mrs.

1880-86    Jamieson, John, dental merchant, 192 Hope St.

1880-82    Rankin, Mrs.

1882-87    Black, Mrs. A., ladies' nurse

1882-87    McLean, John, fancy drapery warehouse, 562 Sauchiehall St., Charing Cross

1884-1905    Ellis, John, manufacturers' agent, 57 Miller St.

1885-90    Rankin, Mrs.

1885-1902    Russell, Peter

1886-1903    Grant, James

1886-97    McFarlane, Andrew A., chemical manufacturer, Murray Street, Paisley

1888-90    Scott, Thomas K., agent, British Linen Co. Bank, High Street Branch

1890-97    Honeyman, Miss

1891-92    Alston, Mrs. J.W.

1893-95    Mitchell, Wm. J., tobacconist, 206 Sauchiehall St.

1895    Barker, Miss Annie M.

1896-06    Ellis, John, manufacturers' agent, 57 Miller St.

1899-1903    Wallace, D.

1902-05    Jardine, Miss

1903-04    Russell, P.

1903-07    Sinclair, John H., bonded and free stores, 23 York Street

1905    Ellis, Misses

1905-07    Johnstone, David B., teacher of singing, voice production and public speaking

1907-13    Howie, Robert, district manager, Marine and General Life Office, 168 Hope St.

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