110 South Woodside Road, North Woodside
Known as 24 Kelvin Drive before 1906

No occupants given until 1878

1878-79    Mitchell, John, bookkeeper, 198 West George Street

1879-80    Messer, Wm. (of Wm. Messer & Co., pickle, sauce & licensed vinegar makers & British wine manufacturers,130-134 Renfield St. & 30 Renfrew St.)

1879-82    Nicol, Alex., grocer and provision merchant, 24.5 Kelvin Drive (now 112 South Woodside Road)

1880-83    McCutcheon, R.F.

1880-83    McPhie, Alex.

1880-83    Smith, Robt.

1881-96    McCoull, Thomas, smith, gasfitter, 112 North Hanover St., later at 146 West Nile St.

1883-85    Bowen, Garret, farrier, 188 West Prince's Street, later at 57 Park Road

1883-84    Hamilton, Thomas

1883-84    Stewart, Geo. H., traveller, measurer (at Wylie, Stewart & Marshall, timber merchants, saw millers & moulding manufacturers, Western Saw Mills, Firhill Basin)

1884-86    Rathie, R.W., commercial traveller (with W.G. Rathie & Co., wholesale tea dealers, 81 Robertson St.)

1886-88    Angless, Edwin, teacher of the violon cello and guitar

1886-87    Cockburn, David, law clerk, 198 W. George St.

1887-89    Kelly, Mrs.

1889    MacDonald, Allan S., teacher of music, pianoforte and harmonium

1890-92    Soule, Rev. Mrs. Carolina A., preacher, 9 Watson St., later at St. Paul's Universalist Church, North Claremont St

1892-94    Forrest, G. (McIlvride, Forrest & Co., makers of plain & ornamental boxes, pattern cards & books, importers of fancy stationery, City Paper Box Works, 72 Waterloo St.)

1897-98    Smith, Andrew L., licensed grocer, 144 Rottenrow

1899-1909    McInnes, D.

1905-11    MacDougall, Miss Margaret, waitress

1907-10    Somerville, Mrs., green grocer, 112 South Woodside Road

1910    McKay, Miss Christina, confectioner, 112 South Woodside Road

1912    Anderson, John, compositor

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