Kelvingrove House, Sandyford Road

No occupants given until 1754


1754-1782    Wotherspoon, Alexander, writer


1782-1792    Colquhoun, Patrick, merchant


1792-1806    Pattison, John, manufacturer


1806-1834    Dennistoun, Richard, merchant


1828-1841    Dennistoun, Wm. (of Campbell, Rivers & Co., merchants, 19 South Hanover St., later of Dennistoun, Bryce & Co., merchants, 20 Buchanan St., later 112 Fife Place, West George St.)


1841-1842    Colin McNaughtan, merchant


1842-48    Knox, Robert sen., shawl & zebra dress manufacturers, 10 St. Vincent Place


1848-49    Knox, Robert jun. (of Rainey Knox & Co., agents & manufacturers, 8 St. Vincent Place)


1848-1853    Ewing, James Lindsay, merchant

1848-1853    Ewing, John, merchant

1854-55    Murray, John, contractor


1854    Glasgow Town Council


1870-1876    City Industrial Museum ; Thomson, James, curator

1901    House demolished


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