901 Sauchiehall Street

1 Wellesley Place, known as 1 Sandyford Street before 1902.

No occupants given until 1856

1856-61    York, Wm., builder, 30 Hope Street

1861-63    Calman, Donald W.

1863-92    Miller, Geo., rivet & screw manufacturer, 204 Stobcross St., later of James Miller & Co., rivet, bolt & nut manufacturers, 204 Stobcross St.

1892    No occupants given until 1893

1893-1902    Murray, Dr. Hugh, F.F.P.S.G., L.R.C.S., surgeon, Glasgow Cancer Hospital, physician & surgeon, Glasgow Cancer & Skin Institution, 409 St. Vincent St. & at private residence

1902-07    McLaren, Dr. Hugh, M.B., C.M., physician

1907    Edwards, Dr. Alex. Henry, M.B., F.R.C.S., surgeon, Western Infirmary Dispensary

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