23 Royal Crescent, Kelvingrove

No occupant given until 1859

1859-61    Steel, James A. (of Webster, Steel & Co., commission merchants, 98 West George St.)

1861    No occupant given until 1863

1863-68    Murdoch, Wm., writer (of J. & W. Murdoch & Rodger, writers, 48 West Nile St.) later at 33 Renfield St.

1868-80    Gibb, John (of Gibb, Martin & Smith, power-loom cloth manufacturers, Greenhaugh Factory, Govan)

1880    No occupant given until 1882

1882-84    Gardner, R. Alex., manager for Scotland, Norwich Union Life Insurance Society, 135 Buchanan St.

1884-86    Duncan, Alex.

1886-93    Murray, Dr. Hugh, F.R.C.S., F.F.P.S., physician & surgeon to Glasgow Cancer Hospital & Glasgow Cancer & Skin Institution, 409 St. Vincent St., lecturer on diseases of the skin

1893    No occupant given until 1894

1894-99    Henderson, Dr. Jane B., M.D.

1899-1901    Jenkins, Thomas Wilson, M.A., M.D., surgeon for diseases of women to Victoria Infirmary Dispensary

1901    No occupant given until 1904

1904-09    Turner, G. Nelson, M.B., C.M., physician and surgeon

1909    No occupant given until 1911

1911    Perpoli, Joseph Kendrick, dentist

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