13 Roxburgh Street, Dowanhill, Kelvinside
Glenton Terrace

No occupants given until 1879

1879-85    Kirkhope, Misses, teachers, young ladies' seminary

1885    No occupants given until 1886

1886-94    McLaren, J. Fisher, writer, notary public and commissioner for English and Irish affidavits, 134 St. Vincent St.

1888-93    McLaren, John Wm. (of J. F. McLaren & Co., writers, 134 St. Vincent St.)

1894-98    Rol, Sigurd (of Rol, McNair & Co., shipbrokers, 28 St. Enoch Square)

1898-1903    Kuttner, H.

1903-06    Russell, W.K.

1906    Duff, Mrs.

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