11 Rokeby Terrace, Hillhead
now 615 Great Western Road, formerly 109 Great Western Road before 1881.

No occupants given until 1875

1875-77    Penman, David, glass & china merchant

1877-79    Penman, David & Son, glass & china merchants

1879-80    Penman, David, glass & china merchant

1880-82    Penman & Patrick, glass and china merchants and importers

1882-94    Penman, Howard, glass and china merchant

1894-97    Arbuckle, John, glass and china merchant

1897-1901    Stober, Edward E , hairdresser and perfumer

1901-04    Bingley, Thomas Henry, skin specialist, electrical treatment for the hair and skin, chiropodist

1904-09    Bamber R. Sheldon, hairdresser, perfumer and theatrical wig maker

1909    No occupants given until 1911

1911    Klinkert, Henry, hairdresser & perfumer

Next door to 10 Rokeby Terrace (613 Great Western Road)     Next door to 12 Rokeby Terrace (617 Great Western Road)

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