Old Houses, Byres Road

Footnote (9)

    In the Glasgow Directory of 1787 Breadie Wylie appears as "treasurer to the Glasgow Arms Bank, house in the country. The "house in the country" of course was the Mansion of Byres of Partick. From the bank, then in Miller Street, to the house in the country the treasurer had a choice of routes. One route was by Argyle Street, Anderston Walk, down Old Dumbarton Road, past Yorkhill and Bunhouse, across Old Partick Bridge, and so up Byres Road. The other route, shorter but impracticable when the Kelvin was in spate, was by Argyle Street, Cow Loan (Queen Street), Swan's Yett to Clayslapps Loan (Sauchiehall Street), 'Charing Cross', Woodside Road (Woodlands Road), Hillhead Ford, Dobbie's Loan (University Avenue), and so up Byres Road. Either route justified the pony.