2 Queensborough Gardens, Hyndland

No occupants given until 1901

1901-06    Lawson, Matthew F. (of Buchanan, Wilson & Co., brokers & commission merchants, 40 St. Vincent Place)

1901-06    MacAra, James, agent, Royal Bank of Scotland, St. Vincent St. branch

1901-08    Stillie, Mrs. T.L.

1902-14    McDonald, Thos.

1908-11    Cairns, John (of A. & B. MacKay Ltd., wine merchants, 48 Renfield St.)

1908    Cochrane, S.P. (of Paterson, Baxter & Co., linen merchants & sailcloth manufacturers, 170 Ingram St.)

1909-12    Winder, J.A., manager, Yost Typewriter Co. Ltd., typewriter & duplicator manufacturers, Norwich Union Chambers, St. Vincent St.

1911-14    Boyd, J.S.

1911    Osbourne, George S. (of Lewis & Tylor Ltd., belting & packing manufacturers, tanners, curriers, etc., 57 Oswald St.)

1912    Proud, Ralph Henry (of George Davidson Ltd., fine art dealers, picture restorers & frame makers, prints, 123 Sauchiehall St.)

1913    Usherwood, John (of John Gray & Co. Ltd., confectioners & preserve makers, 103 Adelphi St. & Commercial Rd.)

1914    Aikman, J.C., manager, Ant Jurgens Margarine Works, 69 Dunlop St.

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