1 Doon Place, North Kelvinside
Also known as 1 Doune Place or 146 Kelvinside Avenue.
Formerly 15 Queen Margaret Drive, now 71 Queen Margaret Drive.

No occupants given until 1876

1876-79    Scott, Misses, Ladies' Day School

1879    No occupants given until 1880

1880-83    Johnstone, Brysson, merchant (of B. Johnstone & Co., importers of Japanese & Chinese goods, merchants & commission agents, 80 Buchanan St.)

1883    No occupants given until 1890

1890-92    Paterson, Robt. T., agent, British Linen Co. Bank Ltd., Hillhead, 11 Buckingham Buildings, Great Western Road

1892-96    Kennedy, Robt., M.A., B.Sc., M.B., C.M., physician & surgeon

1896    No occupants given until after 1915

Next door to 3 Doune Place (75 Queen Margaret Drive)

Next door to 1 Kelvin Drive (1 Stewart Place)

Across Queen Margaret Drive to 80 Queen Margaret Drive

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