2 Hamilton Terrace (West), Partick
Now known as 21 Peel St.

No occupants given until 1874

1874-76    Scoular, Robt., solicitor, notary public & collector of police assessments for the burgh of Dunoon, 58 Renfield St.

1875-76    Stewart, Archd., house factor & insurance agent, 10 Stewartville St., Partick & 25 White St., Govan

1876    No occupants given until 1879

1879-83    Scotland, Adam, draper, 244 Lincoln Place, Dumbarton Road

1880-83    Low, Archd., house and ship plumber and lead merchant, 15 Maxwell Street (now Burgh Hall St.), Partick

1880-87    Maxwell, John, mason and builder, 6 Maxwell St. (now Burgh Hall St.), Partick

1883-84    Haddow, David, grocer and provision merchant, 144 Castlebank St., Partick

1885-91    Allan, Robt.

1887-88    Sorley, Wm.

1889-1900    Kirkwood, G. (of W. & G. Kirkwood, plumbers and sanitary engineers, 410 Dumbarton Road., Partick)

1889-91    Lees, Dr. David Scott, L.R.C.P.S.Ed., &c., surgeon, and teacher of pharmacy, 180 W. Regent St.

1889-91    Whyte, Wm., commercial and insurance agent

1891-93    Allan, Mrs. Robt.

1891-92    Currie, A.

1891-94    Ritchie, Wm. Laughton

1894-95    Chassels, Wm., clothier, 412 Dumbarton Road, Partick

1894-98    McFarlane, John R., portrait painter

1894-95    Watson, Rev. Thos., teacher, Western Institution, 1 Royal Crescent

1897-99    McAllister, Wm., colliery agent, Crow road, Partick ; depots, N.B. mineral station, Partick, C.R. mineral station, Stobcross and Pinkston, Port-Dundas

1898-1903    Affleck, H. (of Affleck & Bryson, wholesale provision merchants, 24 Ingram Street)

1898-1900    Gordon, Robt. H., chemist and druggist, 322 Dumbarton Road, Partick

1901    Barr, A.

1901-09    Pinkerton, J.

1901-04    Taylor, W.

1903    Affleck, Mrs. H.

1903-09    Dean, Mrs.

1913    Melvin, James, wright & builder, 18-20 Maxwell (now Burgh Hall) St.

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