1A Hamilton Terrace (West), Partick
Now known as 17 Peel St.

No occupants given until 1876

1876-77    Bone, David D., reporter, Glasgow 'Daily Mail'

1876-77    Habbick, R. King, superintendent, North British Railway

1876-80    Stewart, Archd., house factor & insurance agent, 10 Stewartville St., Partick & 25 White St., Govan

1879-99    Potts, Joseph, burgh surveyor

1880-82    Watson, M.

1881-82    Adam, John R., manager, Foreign Animals Wharves, Yorkhill

1885-89    Bell, Wm. F., house factor, 6 Maxwell Street, Partick

1889-96    Gray, Miss, dress and mantle maker

1889-96    Robertson, Alex., accountant and property agent, 227 West George St.

1896-1904    Taylor, John (George Smith & Sons, wholesale furriers, 80 Buchanan St.)

1897-1904    McTavish, N.

1899-1902    Bryce, John, C.E., Burgh Surveyor of Partick

1902-05    Aitken, J.

1905-09    McLean, Robert, commission agent, 76 Virginia Street

1906-07    Jones, Samuel, manager (at James Blair & Co., cloth, muslin, and lappet clippers, 200-202 Rottenrow)

1909    No occupants given until after 1915

Across the Burgh Hall Street (Maxwell Street) to 15 Peel Street          Next door to 1 Hamilton Terrace West (19 Peel Street)

Around the corner to Alma/Pekin Cottage

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