1 Partickhill Road, Partickhill

No occupants given until 1896

1896-98    Hellier, John T. (at Tillie & Henderson, shirt, collar, underclothing and shirting manufacturers, 39 Miller St.)

1896-99    Lymburn, Wm., grocer and wine merchant, 12.5 Elderslie St. and 97 Victoria Street, Govan

1896-98    MacKinnon, Capt. Wm.

1897-1902    Brown, A.C. (of George Preston & Co., umbrella and parasol manufacturers, 13 South Exchange Place)

1897-1908    McNaughton, Lachlan, grocer and wine merchant, 404 Dumbarton Road, Partick

1898-1904    Lewthwaite, Alf.

1898-99    McGibbon, Peter, wine merchant and restaurateur, Royal Restaurant, Clydebank

1898-1900    Scott, Andrew, church officer, Dowanhill U.P. Church, Partick

1899-1903    Gregson, John S., hairdresser, perfumer, hairworker and wigmaker, 290 Byres Road and Royal Exchange

1901-03    Carswell, Archd., upholsterer and bedding manufacturer, 104 Dumbarton Road

1901-02    Coubrough, Archd. (at Findlay, Kidston, and Goff, chartered accountants & stockbrokers, 102 Hope Street)

1902-04    Allardice, Robert, commission agent, 207 Ingram Street

1902-03    Hay, J.W. Fraser, traveller (at Geo. MacLellan & Co., india-rubber, asbestos and waterproof manufacturers, Glasgow Rubber Works, Maryhill Road)

1908-14    Casson, S.H., electrical engineer

1913    Dickson, J.P. (of Dickson & Tannock, trimming merchants, 30 Gordon St.)

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