4 Parkgrove Terrace, Kelvingrove

No occupants given until 1870

1870-95    Callum, Mrs. Charles

1870-82    Kennedy, Neil, manufacturer, 73 Brunswick Street

1883    Cairney, Wm. (of Thomas Skinner & Co., ship & insurance brokers, 31 St. Vincent Place & East Quay Place, Greenock) later at 30 Renfield St.

1886-92    Cairney, Wm. D., C.A. (at McClelland, Mackinnon & Blyth, chartered accountants, 115 St. Vincent St.), later at 62 St. Vincent St., later 24 George Square

1890-93    Cairney, Douglas, stock and share broker, 24 George Square

1896-1910    Hannay, John (of Kelly & Hannay, accountants, 160 Hope St.)

1896-1900    Wishart, John, general manager, Oakbank Oil Co. Ltd., manufacturers of mineral burning & lubricating oils, engine oils, paraifin, wax, sulphate of ammonia, 39 St. Vincent Place ; works, Midcalder

1900    Watt, John, marine insurance broker (of Rose, Murison & Thomson, marine insurance brokers, 7 Royal Bank Place)

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