1 Parkgrove Terrace, Kelvingrove

No occupants given until 1870

1870-92    Marshall, Alex., wright and builder, 9 Havelock St.

1888-92    Marshall, Geo., M.B., C.M., physician and surgeon

1892-1903    MacArthur, Malcolm, 217 Buchanan Street

1903-07    MacArthur, Mrs. Malcolm

1907    No occupants given until 1910

1910-12    Thom, Dr. James Maxtone, M.B., C.M., D.P.H., superintendent, Royal Infirmary

1912    Clink, Mrs. Isabel

Across the Parkgrove Terrace Lane to 49 Derby Street (Kelvingrove Church)       Around the corner to 2 Parkgrove Terrace

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