9 Oakfield Terrace, Hillhead
Known as 87 Oakfield Avenue, formerly Wilson Street.
Now demolished for the University of Glasgow

No occupant given until 1851

1851-56    Smith, James, manager, Northern Assurance Co., 19 St. Vincent Place

1856    No occupant given until 1857

1857-61    Buchanan, Robt., editor of "The Sentinel"

1861    No occupant given until 1862

1862-81    Kirkwood, John, house factor and insurance agent, 103 later 119 St. Vincent St.

1871-79    Kirkwood, A.S.

1874-88    Kirkwood, Charles, 103 later at 79 St. Vincent Street, also later at 86 Smith St., Whiteinch

1880-88    Kirkwood, Mrs. John

1888-97    Dickie, Mrs.

1897    No occupant given until 1898

1898-1900    Townshend, Rev. Ambrose G., clergyman, St. Silas', Church of England, Park Road

1900-09    Schmidt, Alfred (of British and Foreign Mineral Water Co. Ltd., mineral water manufacturers, 22 Fleming street, Garscube Cross)

1908-09    Williamson, Thos. H., S.S.C. (of Williamson & Bell, writers, 193 St. Vincent Street)

1909    No occupant given until 1912

1912    Watt, Henry J.

1912    Watt, Mrs. Curzon

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