7 Oakfield Terrace, Hillhead
Known as 83 Oakfield Avenue, formerly Wilson Street.
Now demolished for the University of Glasgow

No occupant given until 1852

1852-53    Angus, James

1853    No occupant given until 1854

1854-57    Blackburn, Andrew (of Blackburn & Low, brokers and commission merchants, 135 Buchanan Street)

1857    No occupant given until 1859

1859-62    Godfrey, Wm. W.

1862-65    Hamilton, John Andrew, writer and notary public (at J. & J Hamilton, writers, 60 George Square)

1862-65    Hamilton, Mrs. James

1865-67    Swan, Edward W., agent for W.H. Wakefield & Co., 153 Queen St.

1867-88    Gemmell, Matthew, house factor, 213 Buchanan St., later at 43 W. Regent St.

1867-79    Gemmell, Mrs. J.B.

1873-80    Gemmell, James B., agent for H.H. & S. Budgett & Co., London, 23 St. Enoch Square

1888-91    Crawford, John (of John Crawford & Co., shawl manufacturers, 62 Miller St.)

1891-1903    Stewart, Charles R., agent, J. Stone & Co., manufacturers ships' pumps & propellers, white metals, scuttles, ports, copper nails, rivets, &c., 57 Robertson St.

1903    No occupant given until 1908

1908    Eyre-Todd, George, author, editor, Scottish Country Life, 115 Renfield St.

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