4 Oakfield Terrace, Hillhead
Known as 77 Oakfield Avenue, formerly Wilson Street.
Now demolished for the University of Glasgow

No occupant given until 1852

1852-55    Stewart, J., Gabrochill

1855-56    Stewart, Mrs. John

1856-57    Hamilton, James, Western Bank of Scotland

1857    No occupant given until 1858

1858-80    Warden, Miss

1864-79    Warden, James, sugar broker, 21 Virginia Street

1880    No occupant given until 1881

1881-82    Hunter, Geo. D., tutor in classics

1882    No occupant given until 1888

1888-1904    McNicol, Peter, M.A., teacher, Overnewton Public School

1904-05    Crawford, G.M.

1905    No occupant given until 1907

1907-08    Todd, George Eyre, author

1908    No occupant given until 1909

1909-13    Crawford, J.M., F.R.I B.A., I.A., architect, 113 West Regent St.

1913    Easton, A.J., stores superintendent, Caledonian Railway, St Rollox

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