19 Oakfield Terrace, Hillhead
Before 1856 known as 16 Oakfield Terrace, now 72 Oakfield Avenue, formerly Wilson Street.

No occupant given until 1856

1856-59    Gray, James (of Anderson & Gray, muslin manufacturers & merchants, 62 Queen St.)

1859    No occupant given until 1860

1860-62    Watson, Alex. James (of A.M. & M. Mitchell & Watson, accountants, sharebrokers, property agents & resident Scottish secretaries for the Patriotic Fire & Life Insurance Co. of Ireland, 1 National Bank Buildings, Queen St.)

1862-67    Nisbet, David (at J. & W. Campbell & Co., warehousemen, 29 Ingram Street)

1867-72    MacMillan, Rev. Hugh, minister of Free St. Peter's Church, Mains Street

1872-79    Hedderwick, James D., accountant and stockbroker, insurance agent (member of the Stock Exchange Association), 35 Buchanan St.

1872-81    Hedderwick, Robt., publisher, 'Citizen' office

1881-83    Gallie, Thomas A., 11 Bothwell Street

1883    No occupant given until 1885

1885-86    Oliver, John, wine merchant, 127 West Regent St.

1886    No occupant given until 1890

1890    Hedderwick, A.W.H., stockbroker, 79 St. George's Place

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