7 Oakfield Avenue, Hillhead
Formerly known as Wilson Street

No occupant given until 1903

1903-11    Eggar, Charles P., engineer and electrician, 52 St. Enoch Square

1904-07    Congleton, David, writer

1905-08    Thomson, Mrs. T.W.

1906-10    Christie, Charles C., bookkeeper (at Kyle & Frew, civil engineers and land surveyors, 216 West George St.)

1908    Cameron, John, plumber

1908    Graham, Wm., jun., registered plumber

1908    Macgregor, James (of J. Macgregor & Co., tailors' trimming warehousemen, 45 Union St.)

Next door to 6 Craiglaw Place (5 Oakfield Avenue)            Next door to 9 Oakfield Avenue

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