15 Oakfield Avenue, Hillhead
Formerly known as Wilson Street
Originally 9 Nelson Terrace, before 1879

No occupant given until 1859

1859-71    Batchelor, Rev. Henry, congregational clergyman, Elgin Place Church, Pitt St.

1871    No occupant given until 1879

1879-86    Grischotti, Rudolf O., commission merchant and timber agent, 133 West George Street

1886    No occupant given until 1891

1891-94    Wyllie, Robt. James (Glasgow Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., iron & steel manufacturers, Glasgow, Motherwell & Wishaw ; coalmasters, Bredisholm, Calderbank, Clydeside, Ellismuir, Fairholm, Parkhead & Wishaw Collieries ; counting-house, 168 St. Vincent St.)

1894-97    Kerr, William C., M.A., LL.B., writer, 58 Renfield St.

1894-1902    Kerr, Mrs. James

1902    No occupant given until 1905

1905    College of Physical Training and Medical Gymnastics

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