12 Oakfield Avenue, Hillhead
Markland Terrace, formerly Wilson Street.

No occupant given until 1872

1872-76    Thomson, Wm. L.R. (at Thomas Mitchell & Co., merchants, 3 Royal Exchange Square)

1873-76    Bottomley, James T., assistant professor of natural philosophy, the University

1873-76    Campbell, Wm., assessor under Lands Valuation Act & Registration of Voters Act, surveyor for Board of Police, &c., 70 Bell St.

1873-78    Forgie, John (of John & Thomas Forgie, desk and dressing-case makers, 93 Buchanan St.)

1873-78    Mitchell, John, Gartsherrie office, 168 W. George Street

1875-79    Ferguson, Peter (of John Ferguson & Sons, brush, bellows & hair manufacturers, 33 Hope St.)

1876-79    Ferguson, Robt. (of John Ferguson & Sons, brush, bellows, hair-cloth, and curled hair manufacturers, 33 Hope Street)

1877-83    Hogg, C.P., civil engineer, 175 Hope St.

1877-82    Roberton, Mrs. Alex. P.

1877-80    Simpson, James N.

1879-80    Brown, David J. (of Brown & Crawford, sugar merchants, 33 Virginia St.)

1879-81    Carson, D.S., C.A. (of Carson & Mackenzie, accountants, government auditors to friendly, industrial & provident societies, insurance agents, 79 West Regent St.)

1880-82    Dickson, Thomas

1881-85    Brodie, Geo., writer and notary public, 184 West Regent Street

1881-84    Murgatroyd, C.E., C.E., Caledonian Railway, 3 Germiston Street

1882-84    Adams, A.E., commission agent, 16 St. Enoch Square

1882-88    Fraser, Donald, manufacturers' agent, 57 Miller St.

1884-89    Andrew, Wm., grocer & wine merchant, 3 Buckingham Buildings, Hillhead, & 95-97 Great Western Road

1884-89    Arroll, Richard H., painter and decorator, 214 Great Western Road

1884-88    Campbell, Mrs.

1887-90    Guthrie, John (of Joseph Findlay & Co., merchants, 113 Virginia Place)

1888    Young, Miss

1890-98    Wilson, Thos. N. (at Whimster & Watson, ship owners and merchants, 157 St. Vincent St.)

1891-94    Brown, Hugh, grocer, tea and wine merchant, 65 Great Western Road, Hillhead

1892-1903    Welsh, E.G.C., agent, Union Bank of Scotland Ltd., Anderston

1894-97    Murdoch, Wm., family baker, confectioner and purveyor, 54 Bank St.

1896-1900    Melliss, M.S., iron and steel merchant, 11 Bothwell St.

1897    Campbell, C. Buchanan (of Milton Coal Co., Shieldhill Colliery, Carluke, 55 Bath St., Glasgow)

1897-99    Gray, Hugh, stockbroker, 70 Wellington St.

1897-1905    Lindsay, Misses

1901    Baillie, James jun. (of James Baillie, malt and hop merchant, 11 Bothwell St. ; store, 3lA Elderslie St.)

1905    Mitchell, Miss

1908-13    McIntosh, D.S. (of McIntosh & Ferguson, manufacturers and warehousemen, 27 Jamaica St.)

1908    Simpson, J.N. (of J.N. Simpson & Co., yarn agents and merchants, 19 Montrose St.)

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