11 Oakfield Avenue, Hillhead
Formerly known as Wilson Street
Originally 7 Nelson Terrace, before 1879

No occupant given until 1859

1859-66    Knox, Geo. (of Knox, Hutton & Wilson, warehousemen, 64 Union St.)

1865-89    MacDonald, Duncan (of D. & J. MacDonald, tobacco and snuff manufacturers, Melville Place, 132 Trongate)

1889-94    MacDonald, Mrs. D.

1890-95    MacDonald, T.A.

1895-97    Rattray Wellwood, A.R.S.A., R.S.W., artist, landscape studio, 2 West Regent Street

1897-1902    Mees, A.R. (of Jacques van Raalte & Co., merchants, 105 West George St., later of Mees, Denham & Co., Baltic Chambers, 50 Wellington St.)

1902    No occupant given until 1905

1905    Church of Scotland, Students' Residence

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