1 Novar Drive, Hyndland
Formerly known as 1 York Drive, and as 1 York Gate before 1904

No occupants given until 1900

1900    Ure, Miss

1900-03    White, G.A. (of Goodall & White Ltd., lace curtain manufacturers, 109 Brook St.)

1901-04    McCallum, J.Thyne (of Thyne's Horticultural Stores, nurserymen, seed merchants, and florists, 92 Gordon St. & Great Western Nurseries, Kelvinside)

1901-05    Wingate, John (of Hewit & Wingate Ltd., agents for the Calico Printers Association Ltd., 15 West Regent St.)

1902-03    Brown, A.C. (of George Preston & Co., umbrella & parasol manufacturers, 13 South Exchange Place)

1903-05    Ferrier, Andrew H (Ferrier, J. A. & Co., dyers and cleaners, carpet beaters, Alexandra Park Laundry, Temple.), Haghill Dye Works, Cumbernauld Road)

1904-13    Campbell, Edward (at J. & W. Campbell & Co., warehousemen, 137 Ingram St.)

1904-07    Steven, John M. (of A. & P. Steven, electric passenger & goods lifts, Provanside Engine Works, 179 St. James' Road)

1905-11    Geddes, David (of David Geddes & Son, oil & produce brokers, 45 Renfield St.)

1906    Geddes, Mrs. D.

1906    Speirs, A.J. (of Wm. Gibson & Co., cork importers & manufacturers for wines & spirits, fishing floats, bath mats, 57 College St.)

1907    Bell, Mrs.

1912    MacCormack, J. (of United Wire Works Ltd, paper machine wire & dandy roll makers, wire cloth weavers & drawers, Baltic Wire Works, 81 Dale St., Bridgeton)

Next door to 3 Novar Drive

Round the corner to 84 Hyndland Road

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