124 Novar Drive, Hyndland
Formerly known as 124 York Drive

No occupants given until 1904

1904-07    Midgley, J. Lawrence, manager, A. Adams, financial agent, 16 St. Enoch Square

1905-06    Anderson, W.F. "Glasgow Weekly News", 136-138 West Nile St.

1905-08    Galbraith, Alex., publishing manager, "People's Friend" & "People's Friend", John Leng & Co., publishers, 13A Bath St.

1905-07    Poole, W.J., engineer, 65 Renfield St.

1906-08    Ford, A.

1908-11    Hay, J.

1909-10    Ferrier, C. Graham, coal merchant, Kelvinside Railway Station

1911    No occupants given until 1914

1914    Grieve, George, clerk (at R.A. McLean & Co., stockbrokers, 44 W. George St.)

1914    Nixon, Thomas M., bass vocalist

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