8 North Gardner St., Partickhill
Also known as 8 Crown Mansions

No occupants given until 1906

1907-14    Bennett, J. Gilchrist, civil engineer, 12 High Street, Paisley

1907-09    Burt, W.H.

1907-10    Costigane, A.P. (of Crow, Harvey & Co., engineers, makers of steel & iron works plant , Parkgrove Iron Works, Sussex St.)

1907-14    Primrose, R.S.

1907-10    Walker, Andrew, merchant (Walker, Allan & Co., general warehousemen, 43-55 Glassford St.)

1908-10    Clark, Duncan T. (of Bailey, Clark & Co. Ltd., Scotch whisky merchants and manufacturers of table waters, 19 Catherine Street, Calton)

1910    Bremner, W. Murray (at James T. Taylor, stock & share broker, 24 George Square)

1910-11    Lamont, James F.

1910    Simpson, Miss

1911    Crawford, John, wood carver, 126 Kent Road

1911-12    Lamont, Margaret

1911    Walker, Andrew, merchant (of Walker, Allan & Co., general warehousemen, 43-53 Glassford St.)

1914    Hendry Archd. (of Hendry, McCallum & Co., shipbrokers, 142 St. Vincent St.)   

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