20 Napiershall Street, North Woodside
Was also known as 20 Garden Place

No occupants given until 1863

1863-65    Morris, Hugh, timber dealer, 6 Cathedral St.

1864-65    Morris, Mrs.

1864-67    Phillips, Robt.

1865-71    McEwan, Thomas, lace and skirt manufacturer, 14 Maxwell St.

1866-80    Dewar, John (of Dewar & Robertson, manufacturers, 75 East Howard St., later at 6 Dixon St.)

1868-70    Gilkison, D.S., office, 3 Madeira Court

1869-85    Gilkison, Mrs. Isabella

1873-79    Marshall, Robt., cannel coal and iron merchant, 173 later at 198 St. Vincent St.

1881-84    Brown, John, surveyor of taxes and lands valuation, assessor, inland revenue office, 13 Queen St.

1882-88    Kelly, Mrs.

1885-94    Cuthbertson, Geo. (at Thomas Skinner & Co., ship and insurance brokers, 31 St. Vincent Place)

1885-88    Stewart, Henry (of Blochairn Sand and Fireclay Co., fire-brick, fire clay & moulding sand manufacturers, Blochairn)

1888-91    Bethune, Peter

1889-1891    Crailsheim, Fred. A. (of Crailsheim & Herman, foreign and colonial merchants, 2 Victoria Buildings. West Regent St.)

1890-97    Craig, Mrs.

1891-92    Birrell, Miss

1893-1912    Aitken, Mrs. Jane

1895-97    Webster, W. Keith (at Pelican Life Office, 125 Buchanan St.)

1897-1910    Muir, James (of Muir & Smith, power loom cloth manufacturers (commission), John Street Weaving Factory, 79 John St., Bridgeton)

1898-99    Garroway, James (of Ballingall & Garroway, ship and insurance brokers, 104 West George St.)

1898-99    Muir, Wm. (of Wm. Muir & Co., machine merchants and cycle factors,75 Jamaica St.)

1906-07    Stewart, James

1908    Strang, James, grocer & wine merchant, 512 St. Vincent St., 60 Shamrock St. & 215 Eglinton St.

1908    Strang, Robert D. (A. & R. Cochran, St. Rollox Flint Glass Works, 51 Tennant St., St. Rollox. ; showroom, 2 Royal Exchange Court)

1910-14    Robson, James, exciseman, Inland Revenue officer

1913    Aitken, Mrs. Jane

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