6 Mingarry Street, North Kelvinside
Finlayson Place, formerly Albany Street

No occupants given until 1891

1891-1902    Livingston, James, G.P.O.

1892-93    Cunningham, Andrew B. (at Robt. Maver & Son, piano, American organ,, harmonium, musical instrument & music sellers, 11 Renfield St.)

1893-94    Mackie, J.

1893-95    Wilson, Miss

1894-1901    Canning, T.W.

1894    Elmslie, Andrew G., traveller

1894-97    Mellish, Wm. B. (Bank of Scotland)

1894-99    Millar, G.G. (of Millar & Lang, stationery & Christmas card manufacturers, 5-7 Robertson Lane)

1894-97    Oliver, R.G.

1897-98    Bamford, H. (of McKinnon & Bamford, consulting engineers, 93 Hope Street)

1898-1906    Henderson, J. Riach, inspector, Office of Public Works, 64 Cochrane Street

1898-1911    Scott, W. Thomas, Scottish Imperial Insurance Co., Scottish Imperial Chambers, 183 West George St.

1899-1904    Whyte, J.

1902-04    Stewart, R. Rannoch (of A.M. Stewart & Son, commission agents & merchants, and of the Indian Tea Growers Co., Virginia Buildings, 43 Virginia St.)

1904-05    Osbourne, Robt., collector of Police, &c., assessments, 11 Tobago St.

1904-10    Stewart, Mrs. A.M.

1905-07    Bell, Dr. M.A.

1906-12    Brock, James, marine surveyor, Glasgow and Greenock

1907-14    Wilkie, Donald, art master

1908-12    Brown, J.

1910-11    Taynton, John, hairdresser, 80b Union St. and St. Enoch Station

1911    Barr, Adam, school board officer

1912    Brown, Robert, goods superintendent, South-side Station, Caledonian Railway

1912-13    MacAlister, John, writer, 121 Bath Street

1913    Crawford, Robert, foreman

1913    Elmslie, Andrew G., traveller

1913    Hutchison, Charles J., commercial traveller

1913    Leitch, Miss Agnes

1913    Sibbald, John, iron merchant

1914    Graham, C.C.

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