7 Lothian Gardens, North Kelvinside

No occupants given until 1898

1898-99    Canadine, Wm., Inland Revenue officer, 280 George St.

1898-1903    Hislop, J.N., manager for Scotland, Fine Art & General Insurance Co. Ltd., 48 West Regent St.

1898-1901    Jackson, Rev. J.W., B.D., Lyon St. Free Church

1898-1901    Niven, John L.

1898-99    Watson, Harold (of Holland House Electrical Manufacturing Co. Ltd., makers of electrical apparatus & fittings to the trade, 9 Holland Place)

1899-1906    Duncan, William

1899-1903    Murray, John jun. (of John Murray & Son, grocers & wine merchants, 26 Gibson St. & 617 Great Western Road, Hillhead)

1903-12    Campbell, A.

1903-04    Conacher, P.A., teacher, E.C. Normal Training College

1903-08    Gallie, Walter S., director, Glasgow Steel Roofing Co. Ltd., manufacturers of galvanized corrugated iron roofing, bridge builders & structural engineers, 62 St. Enoch Square ; works, Possilpark

1903-06    Hutchison, Wm., M.A., B.L., LL.B. solicitor, commissioner of oaths for Canada, 208 W. George St.

1903-06    Sinclair, Donald, writer (of Blair & Sinclair, writers, 144 West Regent St.)

1905-06    Field, G.B.

1908    Calvert, Wm., headmaster, Wellfield Public School

1908    Connacher, P.A., lecturer, Dundas Vale Training College

1908    Ferguson, Daniel, valuator (drapery) & assessor of fire losses

1908-10    Murray, W.F.

1910-12    Paterson, Miss A.S.

1913    Kidd, Andrew

1913    MacFarlane, Walter, baker, 401 New City Road

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