69 Lilybank Buildings
Formerly known as 125 Victoria Street, now 266 Byres Road.

No occupants given until 1887

1887-90    Buist, John

1887-94    Hunter, Archd. M. (at M. Hunter & Co., timber merchants, Firhill Sawmills, Canal bank and 19 Macfarlane St.)

1887-88    McIntosh, Alex., grocer and wine merchant, 14 Sedan Place, Paisley Road West

1889-1900    Lauder, Claud, R.M. (of Francis Lauder & Son, hairdressers and manufacturing perfumers, Lilybank buildings, 272 Byres Road)

1891-1906    McNab, Wm. H., architect

1893-1903    Buist, John, teacher, Petershill Public School

1896-97    Strachan, J.K.

1896-1906    Walls, Robert, merchant (of Gibson, Walls & Boag, merchants, 139 West Regent Street)

1899    McKenzie, Wm.

1900-10    Anderson, R.

1900-04    Bell, James, inspector of agents, Northern Accident Insurance Co. Ltd., 19 West Nile St.

1904-06    Campbell, J.S.

1906    Gibson, Wm., decorator, 43 later 188 Woodlands Road

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