5 Stonebyres Terrace, Partick
now 5 Lawrence St., Patrick

No occupants given until 1888

1888-1909    Bryden, John, superintendent, Caledonian Railway, Stobcross Station

1888-1896    Johnstone, Alex. A. (at James Thomson & Son, clothiers and robe makers to the University, 84-86 St. Vincent St.)

1888-91    Menzies, Neil, grocer, 166 Dumbarton Road

1889-92    Gillespie, Andrew, flesher, 224 and 495 Dumbarton Rd., Partick

1889-91    Muir, Geo.

1891-98    Menzies, Wm. P. (of Samuel Menzies & Son, acconntants, house factors and insurance agents, 113 West Regent St.)

1892-93    Laing, Capt. Wm., master mariner

1894-1905    Sinclair, Colin, teacher, Kent Road Public School

1896 1907    Johnstone, Wm. (of Frater & Johnstone, carvers, gilders and picture frame manufacturers, artists' colourmen, 55 Dumbarton Road)

1897-1912    Mather, Alex. E. (at Eastmans Ltd., 130 Cheapside St.)

1899-1900    Dow, John

1900-01    Campbell, J.S., teacher of music. Western Dancing Academy, St. George's Cross

1900-08    Henderson, Misses A. & K., fancy drapery and dressmakers, 70 Dumbarton Road

1905-08    Peden, Thomas, missionary, Claremont Mission

1906-09    Lindsay, David, painter and decorator, 132 Byres Road

1908-09    Somers, Thomas, civil engineer, office of Public Works

1909-12    Flett, Wm.

1909-10    MacDonald, Alex., superintendent, Merkland's Timber Wharf and at 249 Govan Road

1909    Stewart, Catherine, dairy, 121 Byres Road

1909    Taylor, James, collector & secretary, Glasgow Seamen's Friend Society, 200 Broomielaw

1911    Henderson, Miss A., ladies' & children's outfitter, 878 Argyle St.

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