1 University Place, Partick
Now 1 Lawrence St.

No occupants given until 1888

1888-1900    Campbell, Joseph C., engineer (at Campbell, Smart & Co., engineers, machine & tool makers, Artizan Works, 212 Old Dumbarton Road)

1888-92    Lindsay, Robt. (at Scotstoun Mills)

1891-97    Robson, Mrs.

1894-95    Aitken, John, photographer, 35 Dumbarton Road, Partick

1898-1900    Brown, J.M., manager (W. & A. Gilbey Ltd., wine growers and distillers, shippers and rectifiers, 84 Union Street)

1898-1904    Grierson, Robt., writer, 102 Bath Street

1900-01    Campbell, Mrs. Joseph C.

1901-03    Brandwood, Joseph Vetedaceo, agent, 402 Dumbarton Road, Overnewton

1903-05    Crawford, Mrs.

1905-10    Hamilton, Samuel, builder, Buchanan St., Partick

1907    Millar, John G., dentist

Next door to 3 University Place (3 Lawrence Street)

Around the corner to 105 Byres Road

Across Lawrence Street to 4 Lawrence Street (4 Strone Terrace)

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