14 Lawrence Place, Partick
now 46 Lawrence Street

No occupants given until 1859

1859-68    Ashcroft, Hugh M., teacher, Partick Academy

1859-62    Gibb, David, commission merchant, linen and bagging warehouseman, 78 Miller Street

1859-61    Smith, John, warehouseman, 27 Union St.

1861-62    Watson, Wm. (at Wm. Gourlie & Son, calico printers, &c, 12 South Frederick Street)

1861-65    Webster, John, agent, commercial traveller, 13 Royal Exchange Place

1864-67    Blyth, Rev. Geo.

1864-79    Yuille, Henry jun., linen merchant and agent, 26 Ingram Street, later at 184 Buchanan Street

1868-69    Ferguson, Mrs.

1869-70    Main, John

1872-86    Duncan, James

1872-81    Slater, Mrs.

1873-85    Anderson, Mrs.

1876-77    Yuile, James, jun. (of James Methven & Co., linen, sailcloth, Hessian, and bagging manufacturers, 26 Ingram St.)

1882-88    Logan, J. Grant (of Logan, Bros. & Co. & James Alexander, yarn agents and commission merchants, 2 Montrose St.)

1883-98    Ferguson, Hume, commission agent, 144 Queen St.

1887-1900    Scott, Rev. Ernest F., chaplain, Royal Asylum, Gartnavel

1889-1904    Anderson, Mrs.

1889-1901    Fraser, Mrs.

1898-1905    MacNish, John A. (at Mills, Paul & Co., merchants, 112 Wellington St.)

1900-02    Scott, Mrs. Ernest F.

1901-03    Geddes, Rev. John, minister of Milton Free Church

1902-08    Weir, John, engineer (at G. & A. Harvey Ltd, engineers, millwrights, machine tool manufacturers & factory architects, Albion works, Woodville Street, Govan)

1903-08    Geddes, Mrs. John

1908    No occupants given until after 1915

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