30 Lansdowne Crescent, Kelvinbridge
Rosebery Place

No occupant given until 1876

1876-79    McKenzie, Murdoch, tea dealer & general grocer, 128 New City Road & 281 Garscube Road

1876-78    Smith, Harry Gordon, insurance agent for Mutual Fire Insurance Corporation, Guaranteed of Manchester

1876-82    Wilson, Robt., sheriff-clerk depute of Lanarkshire, County Buildings, 50 Wilson St.

1877-81    Cook, Wm., plant superintendent, Caledonian Raihvay, 3 Germiston Street

1877-78    Gardner, James

1877-1912    Mann, Robert C., accountant and auditor, insurance agent, secretary to the Central Drill Hall Co. Ltd., 98 Saucbiehall St., later at 24 Hill St., Gamethill

1880-95    Barr, Alex.

1880-83    Brown, Wm., Bank of Scotland

1884-85    Bowman, Madame, modeste a modes, 115 Bath Street

1885-86    Mason, Richard, photographer, 449 Springburn Road

1885-86    Swanson, James M., agent for Thomas Bass & Co., 33 Virginia St.

1886-94    Clark, Mrs.

1886-87    Smith, David (at D. MacDougall jun. & Co., wine & spirit brokers, agents, Faculty Buildings, 62 St. George's Place)

1887-1910    Ward, Geo. H., manager, Ashley's Patent Bottle Co. Ltd., 67 Hope St., later agent, John Lumb & Co., glass-bottle manufacturers, packing cases & van boxes, 75 Bothwell St.

1888-89    Falconer, A.A.

1889-90    Coltart, Miss

1889-94    MacKie, Alex., secretary, Gas Residual Products Co. Ltd., manufacturing chemists & asphalters, manufacturers of refined coal tar products, 156 St. Vincent St. ; works, Coatbridge, Irvine & Pollokshaws, later of National Asphalt Co., contractors for asphalt, limneer & granolithic work, causewayers, 111 Union St. ; yard, 248 Paisley Road

1895-96    Barr, Mrs. Alex.

1896-1907    Rodger, David, cashier (at Eadie, Ireland & Co., wholesale woollen warehousemen, 51 Buchanan St.)

1896-98    Thomson, Harry, 118 West Regent St.

1898-07    McMurray, Misses

1904-06    Jarvie, Mrs.

1904-08    Rodger, Wm. T., teller, British Linen Co. Branch, Charing Cross, later at 112 Renfield St.

1910    McMurray, Misses

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