3 Kirklee Terrace, Queenstown, Kelvinside
formerly Windsor Terrace

No occupant given until 1850

1850-57    Finlay, R.G. (of R.G. Finlay & Brothers, gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 30 Montrose St.)

1857-64    Gibson, Rev. Professor James, M.A., professor of theology, Free Church College

1864-69    Doddrell, Daniel T. (of Murdoch & Doddrell, sugar refiners, Port-Dundas Sugar Refinery ; oflice, 27 Virginia Street)

1869-86    Beckett, Hugh (at R. Dalglish, Falconer & Co., calico printers, 39 St. Vincent Place)

1886    No occupant given until 1887

1887    Cuthbertson, Miss

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