14 Kirklee Terrace, Queenstown, Kelvinside
formerly Windsor Terrace

No occupant given until 1864

1864-83    Mitchell, W.G. of Carwood

1883    No occupant given until 1884

1884-93    Stewart, James (of Andrew & James Stewart Ltd., iron tube manufacturers, ironfounders & merchants, Clyde Tube Works, Coatbridge ; office,41 Oswald St.)

1892-94    Stewart, Mrs. James

1894-95    Allan, Richard G., ship owner (of James & Alex. Allan, merchants and ship owners, 25 Bothwell Street)

1895-98    Stewart, Mrs. James

1897-1903    Stewart, Duncan (of D. Stewart & Co. Ltd., engineers, millwrights, boilermakers, coppersmiths & founders, London Road Iron Works & London)

1903    Mann, John, jun., M.A., C.A. (of John Mann & Son, chartered accountants, 142 St. Vincent St. & Mann, Wright & Co., London)

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