7 Kew Terrace, Kelvinside

No occupant given until 1851

1851-58    Carson, David (of Carson, Warren & Co., glass bottle manufacturers, Milton Glass Works, Canal St.)

1858-66    Yates, Thomas (of Yates, Brown, & Howat, muslin manufacturers, 2 and 16 Springfield Court, 69 Queen St.)

1866-68    Blyth, J.S.

1866-75    Blyth, Mrs. J.S.

1875-80    Marshall, John, jun., writer, commissioner of Irish courts of chancery & common law, 93 West Regent St.

1880-1904    Laird, (Sir) Wm. (of William Baird & Co., iron and coal masters, 168 West George St.)

1904    No occupant given until 1907

1907-14    Guthrie, And. J. (at Guthrie & McArly Ltd., calico printers, 29 West George St.)

1914    Rottenburg, Francis A. (of Leisler, Bock & Co., merchants, 55 West Regent St.)

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