6.5 Kersland Street, Hillhead
Sandringham Terrace

No occupants given until 1883

1883-93    Fairley, Wm., wright, &c.

1893    Murray, George, wright

1883-93    Scott, John P., slater & plasterer

1895-97    Smith, Sidney & Son, painters and paperhangers

1896-98    Logan, John, gardener

1897-1900    Taylor, John, painter and paperhanger

1899-1905    Kennedy, Angus & Co., property agent and valuator

1900-01    Wilson, James, painter and decorator

1902-03    Fredericks, S. & Co., manufacturers of baskets, hampers, cane and wicker furniture, toys and mail carts

1903    Orr, John, wright & builder

1904-06    McGrory, Charles, cooper

1905-08    Kennedy, Angus, joiner, wright and builder

1905-06    Mooney, J.

1914    McAlpine, James, plumber & gasfitter

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