153 Kent Road

No occupant given until 1876

1876-78    Hebbington, Geo., lieutenant of police, Courthouse police station, Jail Square

1876-82    Thomson, Mrs., cook

1880-88    Crawford, Mrs. Janet, stationery, oils and colours, 157 Kent Road

1888-93    Crawford, Miss Mary Jane, stationer, 157 Kent Road

1893-95    Wylie, Hector, hosiery manufacturer, 151 Kent Road

1895    No occupant given until 1896

1896-1905    Bain, John G. (The Linlithgow Oil Co. Ltd., 7 Royal Bank Place)

1898-1900    Crichton, John, jun., C.T.S.P. (at Southern section Y.M.C.A)

1899-1900    McFadyen, James (G.P.O.)

1901-03    Symon, Miss, stationery, oils and colours, 157 Kent Road

1905    No occupant given until after 1915

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