53 Kelvinside Gardens (North), North Kelvinside

No occupants given until 1906

1906    McGeachy, Wm. F. (of James McGeachy & Son, house furnishers & bedding manufacturers, 14-24 Stockwell St., also 69 High St., Paisley)

1907-11    Simpson, Wm. P. (of Brown & Simpson, timber brokers, 55 W. Regent St.)

1909-11    Beard, Mrs.

1909-11    Rodger, Mrs.

1913    McIntosh, D.S. (of McIntosh & Ferguson, manufacturers & warehousemen, 27 Jamaica St.)

1913    McFarlane, John K. (of J. & A. McFarlane Ltd., manufacturers of mangles, wringers, washing machines, stoves, etc., Albert Works, Springbank St., New City road)

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