30 Kelvinside Gardens (North), North Kelvinside
Known as 7 Kelvinside Gardens (North) before 1893.
House names : Redbraes to 1874, then Derwent

No occupants given until 1872

1872-74    Child, Mrs. W.K.

1874-76    Walker, Wm.

1875-95    Reid, John C., C.A. (of Reid & Galt, chartered accountants, 217 West George St.)

1895-1904    Courtier-Dutton, W.T., chief surveyor, British Corporation for the Survey & Registry of Shipping, 69 later at 121 St. Vincent St.

1904    Dixon, Walter, M.I.E.E., M.I.Mech.E. (of Walter Dixon & Co., consulting engineers, 38 Bath St.)

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