23 Kelvinside Gardens (East), North Kelvinside
Known as 36 Kelvinside Gardens (North) before 1892.

No occupants given until 1890

1890-95    Hutton, Mrs.

1890-92    Saunders, G.M.

1891-93    Forrest, Thomas, consulting engineer and machinery valuator, 66 Bath St.

1892-93    Kyle, Robt., writer and notary (of Kyle & Hurry, writers, 136 Wellington Street)

1893-1900    Herbertson, Thomas H., secretary (The Gold and Silver Extraction Co. of America Ltd., 82 W. Nile St.)

1896-97    King, Wm., Inland Revenue (Port-Dundas Distillery)

1896-98    Sheed, Alex. F. (of Cutting & Sheed, produce and commission merchants, 25 Hope Street)

1897-1904    Dobson, Robert Mason, North British Railway, Queen Street

1898-99    Crowe, R.

1898-1901    Murray, Wm.

1899-1904    Williamson, Walter, civil engineer, Office of Public Works, 64 Cochrane St.

1903-05    Russell, John, inland revenue officer, G. & S.W. bond

1905-07    Abel, James (of James Johnston & Co., shawl and clan tartan, kilting &c, manufacturers, 38 Queen St.)

1906-13    Turnbull, Wm. W. (of London & Provincial Moss Litter Co. Ltd., moss litter manufacturers, 104 W. George St.)

1908    Finlay, W.J.

1909-13    Grant, James M., commercial traveller

1910-12    Campbell, James

1911-12    Heinricht, Walter, music and musical instrument seller, 166 New City Road

1911-13    McNab, R.

1912    Lennox, J.O. (at James L. Hillcoat & Co., mantle manufacturers, 27 Cadogan St.)

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