21 Kelvingrove Street, Kelvingrove

No occupant given until 1873

1873-77    Gillespie, John (of Gillespie, Lawson & Co., wholesale jewellers, watch & clock manufacturers, general merchants & importers of foreign goods, 85 Buchanan St.)

1873-75    Robertson, James, secretary, Glasgow Jute Co. Ltd., merchants, spinners & manufacturers, 5 Ingram St. ; works, Baltic & Clyde Linen Works, Bridgeton

1873-75    Wells, James

1873-75    Wells, Wm. (of Wm. Wells & Co., manufacturers of non-conducting composition for coating steam boilers, cylinders, pipes, dealers in dry hair, tarred felts, oils, colours, cotton waste & general engineering & ship furnishings; agents for Halliday's gas-consuming furnace. Railway arches, Kelvinhaugh St.)

1875-77    Buchan, Alex. (of Thomas Buchan & Sons, brassfounders & gasfitters, 249 Argyle St.)

1875-76    Buchan, Thomas, brassfounder & gasfitter, 249 Argyle St.

1877-79    Reid, Joseph (of Reid Brothers, colliery & engineers' furnishers, colliery plant merchants, agents for Glaholm, Robson & Haggle, hemp & wire rope manufacturers, 67 St. Enoch square)

1878-80    Gillespie, John

1879-93    Richardson, Mrs.

1880-84    Miller, James, spirit merchant, 41-43 StockweU St.

1880-84    Miller, John, artist, 40 West Nile Street

1886-87    Clark, Mrs. James

1888-90    Gray, James, carriage hirer and postmaster ; stables, 220 Berkeley St.; offices, 231 Dumbarton Road & St. Enoch Station

1888-92    Wragg, Charles (of Thomas Smart & Co., meal and grain merchants, 4 Stockwell St.)

1891-93    Philip, J.R. (of James Sword & Son, wine merchants; warehouse & wine cellars, 43, office, 47 Hutcheson St. ; vaults, 26 Glassford St.)

1893-94    Nelson, Robt. R., chartered accountant, 160 Hope St.

1893-1902    Pearson, Wm. M., commission agent

1895-1900    Gallacher, John

1895-97    Leslie, James T.G.

1896-1913    Cumming, A. Lawrence (at Henderson Brothers, steamship owners and agents, 45-57 Union St.)

1897-1901    Reddin, Henry, church officer, Broomielaw Free Church, 56 Carrick St.

1901-03    Bairnson, G.L. (of Bairnson Brothers, merchants, 101 St. Vincent St.)

1902-03    Campbell, James D., dentist

1902-03    Pearson, Howard, manufacturers' agent

1903-10    Edgar, Mrs.

1903-04    Fraser, Wm. (at Anderston Foundry Co. Ltd., machine makers, mill furnishers, bolt & nut makers, ironfounders, engineers & manufacturers of railway permanent way materials, 100 Cheapside St.)

1903-06    Grant, James

1904-05    Forster, John, insurance agent, 65 Renfield St.

1907    Cameron, Hugh, M.A., F.E.I.S., headmaster, Milton Public School

1911    Morrison, John, seamen's chaplain, chapel, 9 Brown St.

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