6 Westbourne Terrace, Kelvinside
Now 31 Hyndland Road

No occupants given until 1887

1887-91    Jacks, Wm. (of Wm. Jacks & Co., iron & steel merchants & brokers, 7 Royal Bank Place)

1891-1906    Nicol, James, city chamberlain & treasurer, City Improvement Trustees, etc., City Chambers, George Square

1894-96    Nicol, James Wyllie, M.B., C.M., city chamberlain, City Chambers, George Square

1906    No occupants given until 1909

1909    Ritchie, Walter, manager, British Linen Bank, Queen St.

Next door to 5 Westbourne Terrace (29 Hyndland Road)      Next door to 7 Westbourne Terrace (33 Hyndland Road)

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